From the Author’s Desktop – Issue #171108

As usual, let’s skip the school angst and onward to more good news:

My horror-suspense poetry, “Thriller Midnight,” has been chosen for the Judges’ Pick for Round 9!

It’s my first time trying a song prompt for the competition, and I’m surprised that the judges loved it! I do listen to Michael Jackson’s songs every now and then, my favorites being “Beat It” — and of course, “Thriller”. Incorporating the mood and tone in “Thriller” into the Harry Potter universe had been a fun experience, and I’m really glad it turned out well.

While college woes and NaNoWriMo madness are underway, that won’t stop me from trying to keep this blog fresh with some updates:

  • A Series of Unrelated Events
    Re-branded — or rather, renamed — with the removal of “Harry Potter” from the initial title due to the inclusion of the Fantastic Beasts universe. Yep, I’ve been trying to expand my horizon beyond the Next Gen Era, venturing into Marauders and even dabbing into the perspectives of Newt Scamander and Queenie Goldstein. Who knows, maybe I might even give the Founders Era a shot one day.
    NEW: Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Queenie/Jacob fluff), 出会い ~Meeting~ (Newt’s adventure in Japan), The Poly-pumpkin-juice Potion (James/Sirius crack)

Please read and review them! Your constructive criticisms are much appreciated to help me get better as a writer!

Round 10 of “The Houses Competition” is still ongoing but with only one week left till the deadline. Hopefully I can finish all my entries before the closing date on top of my studies, part-time job, and insomnia. I guess we’ll see how far I can endure the piling stress…

Until then,


Where the Legacy Ends

Where the Legacy Ends

The cry of their first child—a son—made Harry Potter broke out a smile of relief. The Healers wouldn’t let him into the delivery room to be with his wife, Ginny; they felt that his tense presence was more of a distraction than help to the mother-to-be who was going through a somewhat difficult labor. Especially not with how he couldn’t stop pacing before the room, rushing up to every Healer who came out or even went near the room’s door.

It was so unlike him to be so anxious like this. He could deal with Death Eaters and dangerous magical crooks who were after his life without batting an eye, yet right now his heart was pounding madly in his chest as he waited for the news about Ginny and their firstborn.

He wondered if this was how his own father, James, had felt. He wondered if this was how a father-to-be would feel towards their first child.

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
The Fluff vs Angst Competition

Somewhere in New York City in the brownstone at 679 West 24th Street, a certain blond-haired witch was pacing around the second floor of the apartment, where every step was accompanied with a jitter.

Memories of the day before still felt like a dream to Queenie Goldstein. She vaguely remembered sending a letter through no-maj mail to someone (and it was her first time!), even buying the finest wine on her way home. She couldn’t recall decking the house in full Christmas decorations with magic, much to the chagrin of her older sister, Tina.

“Queenie,” there was no mistake to the tone of resignation in Porpentina Goldstein’s voice. “You really don’t remember a thing? You were acting strangely since yesterday. Are you sure you are alright?”

“I… don’t know,” Queenie whimpered, equally baffled. “Everything felt like a blur to me. I remember thinking about going to the bakery to try his new product and… Oh.

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出会い ~Meeting~

出会い ~Meeting~
The Houses Competition

If losing his magical briefcase back in the United States wasn’t bad enough, losing his important notes for the second edition of his bestselling book—Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them—was much, much worse.

Especially in the middle of a foreign land where he couldn’t understand the language.

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The Poly-pumpkin-juice Potion

The Poly-pumpkin-juice Potion
The Houses Competition | Blood Traitor Challenge | Hogwarts School Daily Challenge

To the sixth-year James Potter, Potions was both his favourite and most despised class at Hogwarts. Favourite mostly because of his longtime crush—Lily Evans—seated at the table before him, and partly because getting on Professor Horace Slughorn’s good side was a piece of cake, so long he could slip something of decent rarity into the Head of Slytherin’s greedy hands. The bad? It was obviously none other than the slimy oddball at the other side of the classroom, huddled with the cronies from his own house.

Severus Snivellus Snape.

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Third Time’s the Charm [3]

Third Time’s the Charm
Act Three — Third Year

The Three Broomsticks Inn was lively as usual. Though Christmas was still a month away, Madam Rosmerta wasted no time decking out the cosy interior with colourful lights and merry bells magicked to synchronise to the beat of the songs played in the store, and a real coniferous tree that was shrunk to fit indoors, decorated with sparkling fairies greeting every customer who entered the doors in a high-pitched, melodic chorus.

Even so, the joy didn’t reach a table situated at the far end of the bar—where Rose was seated, with a crestfallen Scorpius across the third-year girl.

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Third Time’s the Charm [2]

Third Time’s the Charm
Act Two — Second Year

It was the first time Rose came to the platform this early, without breaking a single sweat from the usual mad rush and chaotic din over forgotten possessions. All thanks to Miyu Kisaragi and his family, whom the former was best friends with her older (not to mention, “Undesirable Number One”) cousin, James Potter. The Kisaragis wasted no time dragging the Potters and Rose’s family out of their rooms at Leaky Cauldron at five in the morning when it was still dark outside. Miyu’s mother, Yuuko Kisaragi, also went the extra mile to make sure all the kids had finished packing their trunks the day before, under her stern supervision.

Trust the Japanese for their no-nonsense attitude towards punctuality.

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Third Time’s the Charm [1]

Third Time’s the Charm
Act One — First Year

“School robes: check. Potion supplies: check. Now we’re left with your schoolbooks at Flourish and Blotts, and then your wand at Ollivanders—”

“Mum, stop,” said an exasperated Rose Weasley. “I’m not a baby anymore. I’m already eleven.”

“But you’re still a child—my child,” Hermione had no intention of letting the matter go, her shrill voice filled with worry. “Of course I’m anxious! There’s no way I’d let you go to Hogwarts unprepared!”

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Deja Vu [1.2]


Watching the third-years at their desks with their quills scribbling away on the quiz papers reminded Remus Lupin of his own school days. Ah, good times. He couldn’t help but feel his days as mere student was the happiest time of his life so far.

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James S. Potter and a Series of (Un)fortunate Events

James S. Potter
…and a Series of Unfortunate Events

“This is such a terrible idea.”

It was the umpteenth time Tobey Rider grumbled about the gang’s bedtime routine: exploring the castle grounds when they were supposed to be sleeping in their dormitories, tucked in their comfy four-poster beds. “I’ve a really bad feeling about this.”

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Deja Vu [1.1]


“I still can’t believe you actually took Ancient Runes, of all subjects.”

“Shut up, Al. I don’t have time for your snivelling stupidity right now.”

Teddy Lupin couldn’t help rolling his eyes. To think that his Christmas morning had to begin with the annoying voices of bickering Potter boys instead of a nice cup of hot chocolate. He was just about to get some from the kitchen as he descended the stairs.

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